On the 9th Anniversary of the Revolution; “Long live the Rojava Revolution!”

The self-government that emerged in the North-East of Syria after great struggles permeat the oppressed peoples, who were deprived of their cultural rights, languages, traditions and history, to regain their rights. This great change permeat women to have the same rights as men in every field of life in scientific and practical terms, even allowing women to take part in the field of self-defense. The Rojava Revolution was achieved and defended by fighting against ISIS gangs in Kobane, Afrin and Cizire. In the fight against injustice, thousands of martyrs were sacrificed to win and protect their land, their culture, their history and all their rights. Together, we must defend the Rojava Revolution and go further to protect our gains.

North-East Syria Armenian Social Council
S. Nubar Ozanyan Battalion

July 19, 2021