Who we are

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  1. The struggle of the Armenian people is not independent of the revolution in Rojava.
    Armenians living here will also strengthen this revolution from their own fronts in order to
    embrace and strengthen the revolution.
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  1. On April 24, 2019, the Nubar Ozanyan Battalion was founded as self-defense force that
    militarily defends the revolution in Rojava and its own people. In this sense, the women and
    men are on the front line against Turkish fascism and the reactionary forces that threaten
    the revolution. The women formation plays a leading role and in this way participates in the
    liberation process that is taking place in Rojava and Syria. The battalion is the political and
    military support of the Armenians and their allies and an inspiration for self-organization
    and defense of oppressed people around the world.
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  1. The Armenian Social Council was founded in January 2020. The Council is the civil organization of the Armenian people in Rojava and Syria. Those Armenians who lived as Muslims and were assimilated Arab or Kurdish
    after the genocide, need to learn their mother tongue and know their own history, and the
    Council has an important place in bringing back a living culture. It has the understanding,
    oversight and ability to organize both Christian and assimilated Muslim Armenians under
    one roof. It aims to organize its own people and expand the achievements of the Rojava
    Revolution. This is the perspective of existence and struggle. In this sense, it will strengthen
    both self-defense and democratic-cultural achievement.