Fighters in Rojava remember victims of the Armenian genocide

Fighters from the Şehid Nubar Ozanyan Battalion held a ceremony marking the 105th anniversary of the Armenian genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire.

The military ceremony did not see massive participation due to the pandemic and was attended only by activists from the Armenian Council, which is in foundation process, and few people from immediate surroundings.

TKP-ML TİKKO, Tekoşina Anarşist, MLKP and Til Temir military force also attended the ceremony where speeches were made by the Battalion Commander Monte Vartanyan and Battalion official Nubar Melkonyan in Arabic, Kurdish and Armenian.

Battalion Commander Monte Vartanyan said: “The Armenian genocide is one of the most tragic unforgottable days in history. It is a bleeding wound in our heart and soul. It is a black mark left by the Turkish state. It is a painful day to be remembered in even a thousand years. April 24 is an issue that has continued up to date. It must be seen and understood this way. Now that the Armenian people- hundreds of thousands defined as ‘sword leftover’- can no more speak their mother tongue, have lost their identity and given names that do not belong to them, is it not self evident that the genocide is continuing? Now that the Kurdish people are systematically massacred by the Turkish state today, is it not self evident that the genocide is continuing?

Speaking after, Battalion official Nubar Melkonyan said the following:

“A part of the Armenian population was killed on the way, another part in concentration camps. Over a hundred thousand children and women were forcibly converted into Muslims, then Turkified.

One million and two hundred thousand Armenians were massacred in Syrian lands alone. Those fortunate enough to survive were adopted as handmaid by Kurdish and Arab tribes and families. Majortiy of them were Arabized, the others Kurdified. This is what a genocide is, and it is continuing. The ongoing occupation of the Turkish state means an ongoing genocide.

Let the Turkish state, which has perpetrated this genocide, know that we still exist, we will continue to exist, multiply and live.”

After the military ceremony, the fighters entered the church covered with photos of Armenian revolutionaries, and lit candles in remembrance of the victims of genocide. A video depicting scenes from political, military and culturak trainings given since the establishment of the battalion, was watched afterwards.

The memorial ended after food service for the guests.