We commemorate our founding leader, the Armenian fedayeen, the immortal commander Nubar Ozanyan

We stand today with pride to salute martyrdom as a symbol of the resistance and revolution for freedom, justice and equality. Today we stand to commemorate Nubar Ozanyan, a journey of struggle and resistance that lasted more than 60 years.

Comrade Nubar began to rise among the ranks of the TKP-ML and to the revolutionary movements that seek to free and serve people and confront dictatorial fascism, after which he became an important recruiter, trainer and leader who planned battles and war. He participated in the war between Karabagh and Azerbaijan between 1991 and 1992. On this day, Karabagh needs a new Ozanyan spirit. Then Nubar Ozanyan noticed the Israeli-Zionist aggressions against the #Palestinian people. He went to Palestine to join the Palestinian people in their struggle for freedom. They came to Rojava to confront the terrorist organization ISIS and to liberate the peoples, of course Armenian people, but also the Kurdish people, the Arab people, and the Yazidi people. We pledge our martyr example Nubar Ozanyan, and we say to him and to all the martyrs that we will follow our promise, and we will complete the march that you started in order to bring liberation to the oppressed peoples.

Armenian Brigade of Ş. Nubar Ozanyan